Locations overview

Locations overview


Your products can live in many different locations in your warehouse (or branch). Cin7 Omni organizes these locations into Zones and Bins. Zones are larger areas like bays or rooms, for example, Loading_Zone, or Bay1. Bins are smaller areas inside a zone like shelves or bins, for example, Shelf.1, or Bin-A.

Before you allocate stock to a location, you need to create locations for each branch. These product locations are used in purchase orders, sales orders, WMS, and other transactions.

You can also bulk update your product locations or add a usual location (static) in document templates.

Locations are also known as dynamic or inventory-specific locations. Pick 'n' Pack uses a different location method. Pick 'n' Pack is no longer supported from the 31st of October 2023. Change from static to dynamic locations when you migrate to WMS.

Update product locations

Before you can give products a location, you need to create locations for your branches. Move products into zones and bins with:

You can bulk update your product locations with Stocktake Master.

View stock locations

You can get an overview of your stock locations with:

Locations in document templates

You can include your zones and bins in document templates, for example, packing slips.

We recommend using static locations for your document templates. Static locations are updated with Stocktake Master.

Static locations are the usual or preferred locations for your products. When you create a packing slip, you can see the usual location for the product. This helps your picking team know where the product might be. You can have 1-2 static locations.

  1. Select the User menu (your username) and then select Settings.

  2. Under Setup, select Document Templates.

  3. Select Design next to the template you want to edit, for example, Default: Packing Slip.

  4. Under Configure, select Line Items.

  5. Select Show Zone(s) / Bin(s).

  6. Select Save.


Document templates can use dynamic locations as well (select Dynamic Zone(s) / Bin(s)). However, dynamic locations will not appear in the packing slip until the products are picked (or dispatched).

Pick 'n' Pack also uses static locations. Migrate from Pick 'n' Pack to WMS by the 31st of October (end of support). You can still use your static locations with document templates. You can switch from static to dynamic locations with Stocktake Master.

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