Open to sell (OTS)

Open to sell (OTS)


Open to Sell enhances your ability to give accurate stock estimates to your customers.

For example, you are running low on stock for a particular product. You already have several other outstanding orders for this product, and you have shipments due next month and in three month's time. How many units can you promise the customer in front of you, whilst still completing the open orders?

Open to Sell considers a number of factors, including open orders and SOH in each Branch, to make answering the question above quick and simple.

Find open to sell

Open to Sell can be found in three different places:

From the product list

  1. From the left Navigation, select Products.

  2. Select the Stock on Hand number to reveal Open to Sell

From within a sale

  1. From the left navigation, select Sales, then New Sales Order.

  2. Enter a product, then select in the Stock column.

From the POS

  1. While in the POS, search for a product in the right hand search box.

  1. Select the i button and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Use open to sell

The following example is for a product "Chair", viewed from the Products module:

In this image, Current SOH is 5. In the line marked "Due", however, 1 item is due into stock (from a Branch Transfer TRF-61) and 2 are due to be dispatched in outstanding Sales Orders. This means that 4 more chairs can be sold.

Also evident is that on the 11-April (three weeks from the present), another 10 chairs in PO-106 will be received. This means that if the customer is willing to wait until the shipment arrives, they can buy a maximum of 14 chairs.

Let's look at a more complex product, a t-shirt in multiple sizes, but this time viewed from the Sales Order module.

Viewing from the Sales Order module allows us to inspect other branches but let's start with the current branch. In the current branch, there is stock on hand of each size but an open order for 100 of each size means that there is not enough stock to create a sale without delaying dispatch. There is a Purchase Order due tomorrow, for only a few items, but in July a larger order is arriving. At that point, there will be 5 x S, 6 x M and 27 x L Open to Sell. XS and XL have not yet been ordered so there is not enough stock to place an order for these sizes.

We can also look at Stock in "Other Branches" from the same window:

Here you can see that this product is in stock elsewhere. You could potentially add a "Distribution Branch" to the order, which will allow you to sell out of another branch. Adding a Distribution Branch will cause another tab to appear on the "Open To Sell" table:

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