Rack products in WMS

Rack products in WMS


Warehouse Management Racking is used to put away recently received items and to move items between locations in a warehouse. For example, warehouses often use racking to stack boxes of products after they’ve been received, and before they are moved to the picking bay, or pick area.

Select products to rack

  1. Select Show product(s) without location or scan a product or use the “Search product” field.

  2. For products with multiple locations, select the location the product will be moved from.

  3. Selected products appear under “Item(s) to Rack”.

  • “Item(s) to Rack” can be sorted by Product or Location.

Select a racking location

  1. In the “Rack Into” dropdown field, click Select Location.

  2. Under “items racked”, select a zone and bin or scan a location barcode.

  3. Select Save.

Rack products into a location

  1. Select one or more products under "Items to Rack".

  2. Products appear under “items racked”.

  3. Select Complete.

  • Products can be racked into multiple locations in one movement. To add a location, select another zone and bin under “items racked” and select Save.

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