Bin location transfer

Bin location transfer


You can transfer stock between locations with bin location transfer. Contact our Cin7 support team to request access to bin location transfer.

When you move products in WMS, a bin location transfer is created in Cin7 Omni.

You can also bulk update product locations with Stocktake Master.

Transfer stock between locations

Contact support to enable bin location transfers for your Cin7 Omni account.

  1. In the navigation, select Stock and then select Bin Location Transfer.

  2. Select New Inventory Bin Location Transfers.

  3. Add the product you want to move between locations.

  4. Add the Qty of stock you are moving.

  5. Click in Qty Adjusted.

  6. Select the arrow next to the stock you want to move.

  7. Add the new Zone and Bin. If the stock had a location before, you will need to overwrite the old zone and bin with the new location.

  8. You can send stock to many different zones and bins. Select Add Row and then add the Qty of stock you want to move, and the Zone and Bin.

  9. Select Save.

  10. Add a Completed date.

  11. Select Approve.

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