Receive orders in WMS

Receive orders in WMS


In Warehouse Management (WMS), you can receive purchase orders and branch transfers in Receiving. You can receive your order completely (fully received) or receive only some of your order (partially receive).

Branch transfers must have an Approval Date and Dispatched Date before it can be received in WMS.

Receive your orders

  1. In your Warehouse Management (WMS), open the Receiving tab.

  2. Scan or enter Order Ref number, or select an item under “Item(s) to Receive” from the dropdown.
    Orders appear under Item(s) to Receive. This can be sorted by Product, Location, or OrderRef (PO number).

  3. Select the plus sign for each quantity of the item and repeat until all items for the order are under Items Received.

  4. Choose the location where the items are going to be stored in the Receive into dropdown.

    • Last Location
      An item is received into the last location used for that product.

    • No Location
      Use No Location to receive an item for the first time. If you have Racking enabled in your WMS Settings, use No Location.

    • Select Location
      Choose the location for the item to be received into. You can search for a specific zone or bin and then click Save. The selected location will become the Last Location for that product.

  5. Select Complete.

    • If all items from the order are received, the order will be Fully Received.

    • If only some items are received, the order will be Partially Received. You can change your WMS settings to partially receive an order with or without backordering items.
      Remaining items for the order will have a partially received label and stay open.


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