Add static locations

Add static locations


Static locations are the usual, preferred, or default locations for your products. Products can have up to two static locations per branch.

Dynamic locations won't appear in document templates until dispatched or picked. However, you can showstatic locations in your document templates. This lets you quickly print documents with the usual location for the products. The order of the location comes from how you have added them to your branch.

Stocktake Master can add and update static locations for your products.

Pick 'n' Pack also uses static locations. MIgrate from Pick 'n' Pack to WMS by the 31st of October (end of support).

Update static locations

Static locations are only visible in Pick 'n' Pack and document templates. You need to update dynamic locations to change your product locations.

  1. In the navigation. select Stock, then select Stocktake Master.

  2. Under Search Products, select a Branch. You can only update one branch at a time.

  3. Change the Update Mode to Static Zones and Bins.

  4. Change the Type to All.

  5. This will update the static locations for all products listed below. You can refine your search with Products, Bin Locations, or categories (Category Search).

  6. Select Sync Latest Data to include the latest products (or results from your search).

  7. Under Export Data, select Static Zones & Bins and any other fields.

  8. Select Export Data and then click Select data to highlight the information.

  9. Copy the information with your keyboard (Ctrl+C) or mouse (right-click then Copy).

  10. Paste this information into a new spreadsheet. If you use leading zeros in your product codes, change your columns to text before you paste.

  11. Add the Zone and Bin information for your products in the spreadsheet.

  12. Copy your spreadsheet information and paste it into Update Static Zones and Bins.

  13. Select Update.

  14. Select Confirm.

You can now use these static locations in your document templates.

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