Introduction to payment portal

Introduction to payment portal


Payment portal allows your customers to pay an invoice or quote with a card payment. Cin7 Omni connects to Stripe,, Braintree, Eway, PayPal Payments Pro, and Windcave (previously Payment Express). Cin7 Omni does not save credit (or debit) card information, but does pass the payment details to your connected gateway.

Cin7 Omni charges transaction fees and your payment gateway, bank, and other providers may have additional fees.

Payment portal for your customers

When you send an invoice or a quote, customers can click on Pay Now or Accept Now. They can then choose to make a full or partial payment in the Cin7 Omni payment portal. They can then fill in their card details and make the payment. Your customers will then see a payment confirmation page.

Setting up your payment portal

Administrators in Cin7 Omni can set up the payment portal.

You will need to connect a payment gateway but steps 2-5 are recommendations to improve your payment portal experience.

After each step, you should test your payment portal.

  1. Connect a Payment Gateway.

  2. Add payment buttons to templates.

  3. Add custom settings and automation.

  4. Integrate payment portal with B2B or with Legacy B2B.

  5. Apply a surcharge.

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