Payment portal fees

Payment portal fees


Your customers can pay their invoices and quotes with a credit or debit card through the Cin7 Omni payment portal. Those card details are sent to your connected payment gateway which processes the payment.

Cin7 Omni charges a transaction fee for every payment using the payment portal. This fee is different depending on your Cin7 Omni billing currency.

Every payment made through a payment portal incurs a transaction fee. Every month, all of your transaction fees are totaled and added to your invoice. You can see a breakdown of each transaction and related fee with the payment portal and fees report.



Fee per transaction


0.35% of payment + 29¢


0.35% of payment + 29¢


0.35% of payment + 29¢


0.35% of payment + 29p


0.35% of payment + 29¢


0.35% of payment + 29c


Additional fees may be charged by your payment gateway provider, merchant payment service, bank, or other entities involved in processing the payment.

You can offset your payment portal fees by adding a surcharge to your orders.

Charges for test transactions

When testing your payment portal, make payments less than 4 in any currency to avoid any fees from Cin7 Omni.

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