Add a surcharge to payment portal

Add a surcharge to payment portal


Your customers can pay their invoices and quotes with a credit or debit card through the Cin7 Omni payment portal. Those card details are sent to your connected payment gateway which processes the payment.

Cin7 Omni charges a transaction fee for every payment using the payment portal. Additional fees may be charged by your payment gateway provider, merchant payment service, bank, or other entities involved in processing the payment. You can offset these costs with a surcharge for any payments made in the payment portal.

You should test any changes you have made to the payment portal.

Requires Administrator rights

Add a surcharge

There may be legal restrictions on surcharges, depending on where your customers are located.

Please ensure you understand and comply with all legal requirements for the regions that you receive payments from. It is your responsibility to comply with applicable laws concerning surcharging. Cin7 Omni is not responsible for failure to oblige by the applicable laws concerning surcharging.

  1. Select your username and then Settings.

  2. Click on Payment Portal Configuration under Setup.

  3. Select the Surchage Settings tab.

  4. Tick the Apply a surcharge when the payer makes a payment checkbox.

  5. Add a percentage amount to surcharge in Percentage Fee.

  6. You can also email a summary of the surcharge to customers by ticking the Email Transaction Summary to payer? checkbox.

  7. Click Update.

  8. Test your payment portal.

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