Connect a payment gateway

Connect a payment gateway


Your customers can pay their invoices and quotes with a credit or debit card through the Cin7 Omni payment portal. Cin7 Omni sends the card details to your chosen payment gateway to process the payment.

You can connect to the payment gateways:

Cin7 Omni charges transaction fees and your payment gateway, bank, and other providers may have additional fees. Once you have connected your gateway, you can make paying invoices and quotes easier for your customers by adding payment buttons.

Requires Administrator rights

Connect a payment gateway

Once a gateway is connected, you can't edit it. You will need to add a connect another payment gateway with the correct details and then Deactivate your old payment gateway connection.

  1. Sign up with your chosen payment gateway: Stripe,, Braintree, eWAY, PayPal Payments Pro, or Windcave (previously Payment Express). We recommend using Stripe.

  2. In Cin7 Omni, select your username and then Settings.

  3. Click on Payment Portal Configuration under Setup.

  4. Click on Add Connection next to your payment gateway.

  5. Add your authentication details and optionally an Account Name (helpful if you are connecting multiple gateways). The authentication details are different depending on your payment gateway.

  6. Select Connect Stripe (or your chosen gateway name).

  7. Test your connected payment gateway.


Create an API Restricted Access Key in the Developers section of your Stripe dashboard. In the API Keys tab, select + Create restricted key under the Restricted Keys section in Stripe. You must have Write permissions for your Restricted Access Key. Do not use the secret or test keys.

Stripe 3D Secure (3DS)

Stripe offers additional authentication options with 3D Secure (3DS). This is compliant with SCA (strong customer authentication) requirements which are mandated in the UK/EU.

  1. Go to your Stripe Dashboard and then click on Developers.

  2. Select Webhooks from the menu.

  3. Click Add endpoint.

  4. In the Endpoint URL, add:

  5. Click on + Select Events and then select these events:

    • payment_intent.amount_capturable_updated

    • payment_intent.payment_failed

    • payment_intent.succeeded

  6. Click on Add endpoint.

  7. This should return you to the Webhooks section of the Developer dashboard. Copy the webhook ID and the Signing Secret.
    Webhook ID and Signing secret in the Webhook setup in Stripe.

  8. In Cin7 Omni, connect a new Stripe payment gateway. If you have already connected your Stripe gateway, you need to connect another Stripe gateway with the correct details and then Deactivate your old payment gateway connection.

  9. Select 3D Secure (3DS).

  10. In Webhook ID, paste the Stripe webhook ID.

  11. In Signing Secret, paste the Stripe webhook signing secret or API Restricted Access Key.

  12. Select Connect Stripe.



PayPal Payments Pro


  • Login with your Windcave username and Password.

    Your Windcave account needs to be setup as a PxPost user, not a PxPay user. Contact Windcave support to check that your account is setup correctly.


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