Payment portal settings

Payment portal settings


Your customers can use the payment portal to pay with a credit or debit card. The card details are sent to the connected payment gateway.

There are a range of settings and automations you can setup to streamline your payment portal. You can automatically send confirmation emails, update the stage for orders or quotes, create an order from a quote, and more.

Also, you can also connect your payment gateway with your B2B online store.

Requires Administrator rights

Change the payment portal settings

  1. In Cin7 Omni, select your username and then Settings.

  2. Click on Payment Portal Configuration under Setup.

  3. Select the Custom Settings tab.

  4. Click Update to save any changes you make to the settings.

  5. Test changes to the payment portal.

Jump to a specific setting

Confirmation emails

You can choose who will automatically receive an email confirmation with the settings Email Payment Confirmation to (Invoice setting) and Email Acceptance Confirmation to (Quote Acceptance setting).

  • Payer emails your customer.

  • Account Administrator emails all Administrator users in your Cin7 Omni account.

  • Sales Representative emails the person assigned to the sales order (Invoice only).

  • Others emails all of the email addresses you list. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.

Assign sales order stages

When your customers pay their invoices and quotes you can automatically update the sales order to your chosen stage. Set your stage for:

  • Invoices with After Invoice is paid in full, change Sales Order stage to, under the Invoice settings.

  • Partially paid Quotes with If Quote is not fully paid, set Sales Order stage to, under the Quote Acceptance settings.

  • Fully paid quotes with If Quote is fully paid, set Sales Order stage to, under the Quote Acceptance settings.

Add an invoice date and number

Update the sales order with an invoice date and number when a customer accepts the quote. Tick the Tick the Auto-populate Invoice Date and Number after quote has been accepted checkbox. You will need to have payment buttons on your quote templates.

Copy or convert an accepted quote to a sales order

After a quote is accepted in payment portal, Cin7 Omni can automatically:

  • Copy to Sales Order. This copies the quote acceptance to a sales order.

  • Convert to Sales Order. This creates a new sales order with the quote details.

You will need to have payment buttons on your quote templates.

Accept quotes on account

You can choose which customers can see Accept on Account when they select Accept Now in a quote.
By default, All Customers can accept on account, but you can change this to Wholesale Customers or No Customers. You will need to have payment buttons on your quote templates.

Payment portal and Xero

If an invoices are paid for in the payment portal, Cin7 Omni can import sales orders as Approved in Xero. Tick the When importing Sales Orders into Xero, set Invoices to Approved checkbox to ensure invoice payments are recorded in Xero. If you do not have an integration with Xero, you will not see this option.

Hide invoices and quotes

After your invoice is paid, or the quote is accepted, you can hide the invoice/quote from displaying behind the payment portal window. Tick either Hide background Invoice Display or Hide background Quote Display to remove the background display.

Payment portal campaign URL

Once payment is made in the payment portal, customers see a confirmation page. This has Cin7 Omni branding by default. You can include your website (or a URL of your choice) in an iframe in this confirmation page.

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