Overview of warehouse management (WMS)

Overview of warehouse management (WMS)


Warehouse Management (WMS) can help manage and track your purchase orders, sales orders, and branch transfers in your warehouse. WMS is mobile friendly so you can manage your picking, packing, racking, and dispatching of products from your phone or tablet.

WMS can:

Internet connection is required. There is no offline option for WMS.


WMS dashboard

You can open WMS from Cin7.

  1. In the left navigation, select Stock and then select WMS.

  2. The WMS dashboard will open.

From the dashboard you can see an overview of open orders, overdue orders, incoming purchase orders, amount of picked vs dispatched items, staff pick rankings, top products and more.

Scanners compatible with WMS

We recommend the Zebra TC57, Honeywell CT40, and ScanSKU scanners as they have been tested with the Warehouse Management (WMS).

Set up the Zebra TC57

  1. Select Datawedge from the app list in the device.

  2. Select the default profile “Profile0”.

  3. Scroll down and ensure Keystroke Output is enabled.

  4. Set the Inter Character Delay option to 10ms.

  5. Select Basic Data Formatting and set the Send Enter key option to On.

Set up the Honeywell CT40

  1. Go to the Data Processing Settings on the Honey CT40.

  2. Check that the Wedge Method is selected as Keyboard.

  3. Within the WMS General Settings select Bluetooth as the Scanner Type.

Set up the ScanSKU

  1. Check that the Output Mode is set to Keyboard.



Does Warehouse Management support EDI fulfillment?

WMS does not support EDI fulfillment.

Does Warehouse Management support both static and dynamic stock locations?

Warehouse management only uses dynamic/stock-specific zone and bin locations. If products are always stored in the same location, the “Last Location” option can be used when Receiving or Racking products.

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