Pack and ship orders in WMS

Pack and ship orders in WMS


After you have picked a sales order or branch transfer, you pack and dispatch those items with WMS.

You can choose what orders and items you are packing and then dispatch the orders with your shipping integration.

You will need to set up either yourStarshipit, ShipStation, or Shiptheory integrations before you can dispatch your orders with them.

Select orders for packing

  • Orders can be selected by scanning a packing slip or by using the search field.

  • If Tote Picking is enabled, the search field defaults to tote numbers. Totes can be selected by scanning a tote number or using the search field.

  • The search field defaults to OrderRef.

  • Selected orders appear under Items to Pack.


Pack FIFO products

  1. Scan or select a product under Items to Pack.

  2. Select the plus sign for each item as it is packed.

  3. Items appear under Items Packed.

When all items are packed, the Ship Order window will popup, enter a carrier and tracking code if required, and select Submit Order.

Pack batch or serial products

For Paperless processing:

  • A batch or serial number appears with orders under “Items to Pack”.

  • Select the plus sign for each item being packed.

For Paper-based processing:

  • Enter the required batch or serial number when prompted.

  • The number is validated against the actual stock to ensure the correct number is applied.

Items will appear under Item Packed.

Pack partially picked orders

If all items have not been picked for an order, a message appears on the Ship Order popup to advise not all items have been picked and packed for the order.

  • An option is given to complete the packing process with currently available items.

  • If proceeding to pack the order, a message advises that a backorder will be created for the unpicked items.

  • All picked items are marked as Dispatched in the original order.

Shipping integration orders and labels

Warehouse Management integrates with ShipStation, Shiptheory, and Starshipit. You will need to connect your shipping integration to Cin7 Omni (Starshipit, ShipStation, and Shiptheory) and then setup the integration with WMS.

  1. When all items are packed, the Ship Order window will pop-up.

  2. The order weight will be the combined weight of all the items but you can type in a new weight.

  3. Select Submit Order.

  4. The PDF of the label will open in a new browser tab and can be printed. You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.

  5. The sales order is confirmed as shipped and will be updated with carrier and tracking code information in Cin7 Omni.

Shipping without an integration

You can ship an order without using a shipping integration. This can be useful for click and collect orders, or if you are organizing delivery directly with the customer.

  1. When all items are packed, the Ship Order window will pop-up.

  2. Tick the Dispatch without shipping integration checkbox.

  3. You can add the order weight, the carrier, and the tracking code for your order. These are optional fields. The carrier and tracking code details will be updated on the Cin7 Omni sales order.

  4. Select Submit Order. You will not be able to create any labels as they require a shipping integration.

  5. The sales order is marked as dispatched back in Cin7 Omni.

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