eBay overview

eBay overview


eBay connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people and creating economic opportunity for all.

Integrating Cin7 Omni with eBay will allow you to:

  • Download Products

  • Download Sales

  • Update stock levels

  • Update order status

  • Download customers

Our integration has multiple settings that allow for detailed control of how Cin7 Omni interacts with eBay.

Setup and use

Setting up the integration requires signing in to eBay through Cin7 Omni. Please see Connecting Cin7 Omni to eBay.

The Settings menu will refine how the integration operates, please see eBay Settings.

Downloading Orders is a key function of the integration. Downloading Orders allows you to easily dispatch orders from within Cin7 Omni. See Downloading Orders from eBay  for more information.

Stock levels can also be updated to eBay. To do this, the products must exist in both Cin7 Omni and eBay and their codes/SKUs must be matched. Please see Matching Products between Cin7 Omni and eBay.

Once product codes are matched, stock levels can be synced easily at the press of a button. For more information see Updating Stock Levels in eBay.

It is also possible to update the status of orders in eBay from Cin7 Omni. Please see Updating Order Status in eBay.


Is it possible to create products in Cin7 Omni and push them to eBay?

No. Pushing products from Cin7 Omni to eBay is not possible due to the way products are stored in eBay and Cin7 Omni.

Can Cin7 Omni manage my eBay listings?

No. Cin7 Omni focuses on helping you manage inventory by downloading a sale when the listing is completed instead of being a listings manager.

I cannot see eBay module under the Integrations menu.

In some cases, after adding the app, you will need to click the Refresh button at the bottom of the left navigation menu before the module will appear.

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