Update eBay stock levels

Update eBay stock levels


Stock levels can be updated from Cin7 Omni to eBay to ensure you can display accurate stock levels to your customers.

You have the option to update stock levels for all your products or only those products that have had recent transactions.                                 

  • Stock Levels and Listings

  • Updating stock to eBay works best when there is one product code per listing. If you have multiple listings of the same product, updating the stock levels will update the stock of all listings. This may not be desirable.

To update stock levels, products must be matched. For more information, please see Matching products between eBay and Cin7 Omni.             

Update all stock levels

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations, then select eBay.

  2. Select Update All Stock Levels.

Update recently modified stock levels

If you have thousands of products, it may be more desirable to update only those products that have recently been dispatched or received. Recently modified products include all products that have been modified since the last time the stock was updated.

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations, then select eBay.

  2. Select Update Recently Modified Stock Levels.
    The number of products that will be affected is displayed in brackets to the right of this link.


Is it possible to update stock levels automatically?

Yes. You can leverage a setting in the Sales Order module that allows stock levels to be updated for all your integrations each time a sales order is created.

How frequently should I update the stock levels?

Because stock levels will be diminished in eBay as soon as an order is made, there is no need to update stock levels frequently, unless other sales channels are causing your inventory to change.

For instance, if your eCommerce store pulls from the same inventory as your eBay stock, it may be desirable to update stock levels more frequently to ensure your eBay stock levels are up to date.

Can I determine what stock levels are updated to eBay?

Yes. You can leverage a few settings that determine what stock levels are updated. See the eBay Settings Help article for additional information.

Can I update virtual stock levels to eBay?

Yes. The following must be done:

  1. Enable virtual stock levels in your Cin7 Omni account. To do this, see the Virtual Stock with Bills of Materials Help article for additional information.

  2. Once enabled, your virtual stock levels will be applied to the Updating Stock Levels in the eBay function.

If you want to push branch-specific virtual stock, you can do so by following the steps in the eBay Settings Help article. 

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