Set up eBay

Set up eBay


You can connect your eBay and Cin7 Omni accounts together.

Add eBay to your Cin7 Omni

First, you will need to add the eBay module to your Cin7 Omni account.

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, from the left navigation panel, select the App Store.

  2. Under the Marketplaces category, select eBay.

  3. Select Request App Installation.


Cin7 Omni Customer Success will receive the installation request and provide an update once completed.

Connect the two accounts

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations and then eBay.

  2. Select Settings on the top right of the Dashboard.

  3. Select Connect on the left.

  4. Log in to eBay to authorize the connection.
    You will be returned to Cin7 Omni.


I've added the eBay module but can't find it in the left navigation?

In some cases, after adding the app, you will need to click the Refresh button at the bottom of the left navigation menu before the module will appear. If after doing so the app still doesn't appear, please contact Cin7 Omni Support.

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