Product promotions

Product promotions


Product promotions can apply discounts for all sales of a specific product. This uses the promotional matrix.

You can also create promotions for:

  • Customers to apply a discount for a specific customer (or group of customers).

  • Categories to apply a discount for all sales of products in a specific category.

B2B online stores will not use product promotions. You will need to create a B2B promotion.

Enable product promotions

  1. Select your username in the top right and then select Settings.

  2. Click on Products and then Product Settings.

  3. Change Show Retail Promotional Matrix to Yes and then select Save.

Product promotions

A product promotion will apply to all sales of that product.

  1. Select Products from the left navigation menu.

  2. Select the product you want to apply a promotion to.

  3. Under Retail Product Promotions, click on the dropdown to choose an existing discount option, or choose Blank to create your own.​​

  4. Select the Add Promotion button. This will insert a new row for your promotion.

  5. Add the Threshold for your discount. This is the amount of items that must be purchased before the discount is applied.

  6. Add the Discount amount. This is either a percentage or a dollar ($) amount. For all currencies, you will need to use the $ symbol before the amount.

  7. Depending on your promotion, you can add an Action (it may appear by default).

    • Exempt
      The product will not be discounted by any promotions.

    • Cheapest
      This action creates a Buy X products and get 1 free promotion. When multiples of the same product are purchased, one of the products will be discounted 100%.
      This promotion only applies to POS transactions.

    • DiscountOnPromotions
      This action will add a discount on top of any existing promotions (or special price).
      This promotion only applies to POS transactions.

  8. If you want the promotion to run for specific Dates, you can add the start and end date for the promotion. The dates must be in this format:
    For example, 01 JUN 2022|30 JUN 2022

  9. Add a unique Description (not used by other product promotions). POS promotions can use the same description (and promotion information) for many products. This will apply the same promotion to a range of products.

  10. Select Save and Continue to apply the new promotion.

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