Prepare orders for WMS

Prepare orders for WMS


You can view sales orders and branch transfers in WMS Orders. You can use filters to change which sales orders and branch transfers appear in the list.

You will need to change your filters to view branch transfers.

From WMS Orders you can:

Once you have released items to picking, you can pick yourorders.

You can see all sales orders and branch transfers in WMS Orders. By default, the list will show all sales orders with the stage New.

View branch transfers

You will need to change your filters to view branch transfers. You will need to create branch transfers with an Approval Date but without a Dispatched Date.

  1. Select the WMS menu and then select Orders.

  2. By default all sales orders with the stage new will display.

  3. Click on Filters.

  4. To view branch transfers in the Orders list, add Branch Transfer to the Order Type filter.

    • Click Apply filters.

You can now view your branch transfers in the WMS Orders list.

Release orders to pick

Before you can pick your orders, you will need to release your orders for picking. You can change what orders you see with filters.

You can either select orders manually or create pick groups.

Select orders

  1. Select the checkbox next to the order.

  2. Click the Pick Selected or Print Selected button. This button changes depending on your print settings. You can have a packing slip or a picking list printed when you release to pick.

You can also release all visible orders to pick by clicking on the Pick All or Print All button.

Create pick groups

You can divide visible orders into pick groups based on a maximum number of orders or products. For example, only orders with less than three items will be added to the picking group.

  1. Add a Max Order or Max Products quantity. For example, if you had 3 max orders, you would have your picking groups contain 3 orders or less. If you had 3 max products, each picking group would contain orders that in total had less than 3 items.

  2. Select Calculate Pick Groups. A pick group number will appear next to each order.

  3. Click the Pick All or Print All button to release these orders to picking.

Print settings

You can decide if you want to print a packing slip, picking list, or nothing at all, when you release orders to pick.

  1. Select Print Settings.

  2. You can then choose:

    • Print Packing Slip

    • Print Consolidated Packing Slip

    • No Print

  3. Click Save.

If you selected a print option, you will release to pick with the Print Selected or Print All button. If you choose not to print, you will release to pick with the Pick Selected or Pick All button.

Dynamic locations(used in WMS) won't appear in document templates until dispatched or picked. However, you can show static locations in your document templates. This lets you quickly print documents with the usual location for the products. The order of the location comes from how you have added them to your branch.


A menu of filter options can be found by selecting the Filter icon. After setting filter options, select Apply filters to change what orders are being viewed.



Date and status

You can filter by status and date range. For example, to view all:

  • Open orders

  • Orders created in a specific date range

  • Orders that within an ETD (estimated time of departure) range

  • Orders dispatched within 30 days of the current date.

Product quantity

View orders with a certain amount of items.

Stock status

View orders that have:

  • Available stock

  • Partial stock (some stock is available)

  • No Stock


View orders set at different stages (depending on your Cin7 Omni settings).


View orders with a delivery address for a certain country.


View orders from selected sales channels.


View orders that have instructions in the Freight Description field.

Order Type

View Sales order or Branch transfer.

Create a preset view

You can save filters as a preset view that you can select at any time from the Filter menu.

  1. Choose your filters.

  2. Click Apply filters.

  3. Click Save current filter as preset.

  4. Enter a name for your preset and click Save.

  5. You can then choose your preset from the Preset dropdown whenever you want to apply those filters.

Sort orders

You can sort WMS Orders by double-clicking on the column name. This will sort the list by that column in ascending order (A-Z). Double-click again to change the sort to descending order (Z-A).

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