Shopify overview

Shopify overview


Find out about integrating Shopify with Cin7 Omni.

Shopify is a popular, all-in-one ecommerce platform.

Connecting Shopify to your webstore, social media, and point of sale helps your business reach new customers.

And connecting Cin7 Omni to Shopify supports you to scale your business by synchronizing order management and your inventory across your sales channels, shipping integrations, accounting platform, and more.

Your Shopify integration can download products, sales and refunds, and customer information, as well as upload products, stock levels, new pricing, and changes to the status of transactions.

Once you’ve installed, connected, and configured your integration, find out how to perform common tasks, such as

Shopify Markets  currently aren’t supported by Omni. For example, you can’t upload multiple prices in different currencies, or route orders from each Shopify Market to a different Omni branch. If you’re interested in integrating with Shopify Markets, let Cin7 Omni support know.

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