Download sales orders from Shopify

Download sales orders from Shopify


Find out how to download sales orders from Shopify to Cin7 Omni.

One of the most basic documents in inventory management is the sales order. A sales order is an internal record of the details of a sale, such as what sold, how much it cost, who it sold to, and so on.

In Cin7 Omni, sales orders are the basis for real-time visibility of stock levels, accounting synchronization, accurate reporting, as well as reliable, customizable, and automatable fulfillment strategies.

To ensure your record of sales is complete, you must download Shopify sales orders to Cin7 Omni. And before downloading Shopify sales orders, you must configure how they’ll be downloaded by your Shopify integration.

Configure download sales orders

To download sales orders from Shopify, you must have turned on Download Orders in your Shopify integration settings  and configured your sales order settings, such as

  • which sales orders to download (see Download Orders settings),

  • which branch or branches should fulfill them (see Branch settings), and

  • what should be their default customer, fulfillment, and accounting properties (see Customer Tracking and Accounting settings).

For help configuring your integration, read descriptions of your Shopify integration settings  and talk to support.

Download sales orders

Before downloading sales orders from Shopify, make sure your Shopify and Cin7 Omni product catalogs are in sync. You may need to download products, upload products, or create product mappings.

Once you’ve configured your integration and your product catalogs are in sync, you can download Shopify sales orders:

  1. Log in to Cin7 Omni.

  2. From the Integrations menu in the navigation, open your Shopify integration.

  3. On the Order Activity tile, select Download Orders.

Alternatively, configure your Shopify integration to download sales orders automatically  (see the Download Orders > Auto Order Downloads setting).

Note that, when you download Shopify sales orders, you'll also be downloading updates to the statuses of sales orders, if you’ve enabled your Shopify integration to download status updates (see below).

Downloading status updates

In order to download status updates, you must have set Auto Dispatch Orders (in your Shopify integration settings) to either:

  • Yes - Completed Orders Only: If a Shopify sales order has been fulfilled, the matching Omni sales order’s Stage will be changed to Dispatchedif and only if each line item can be dispatched from Omni.

  • Yes - Complete Orders Only (Ignore Stock): If a Shopify sales order has been fulfilled, the matching Omni sales order’s Stage will be changed to Dispatched.

Additionally, when a Shopify sales order’s Status has been canceled, the matching Omni sales order will be voided (both settings).


Does downloading sales orders also download gift vouchers?

Downloading Shopify sales orders doesn’t download new Shopify gift vouchers.

But if you download a sales order paid for with a gift voucher that you’ve previously synced with Cin7 Omni, that gift voucher’s remaining value will update in Cin7 Omni. Find out more about syncing gift vouchers with Shopify.

What if downloading sales orders times-out?

If you’re downloading a large volume of sales orders and the download times-out, please contact support.

Cin7 Omni downloads sales orders in time-based “batches.” If there are too many sales orders in a batch, the download may time-out. Support can configure your Shopify integration to download smaller batches.

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