Most Production Jobs require the assembly of Products - but sometimes it is necessary for this process to work in reverse. This article explains how to disassemble products.

There are some instances where it is necessary to disassemble products instead of assembling them. The process of disassembly is much the same as creating a standard Production Job.

If you are new to Production Jobs it may be a good idea to read Creating a Production Job and Completing a Production Job  before continuing.

With disassembly, one product will be removed from the inventory, and in turn inventory of its component parts will be increased.

Just like with a standard production job, a Bill of Materials can be used for this purpose. Remember that only one Bill of Materials can be saved against a product.

Disassembly production job

Production Jobs that disassemble products are often referred to as Use/Make Production jobs, as you are Using one product to Make other components.

  1. From the Left Navigation, select Production then Production Jobs.

  2. Select New Production Job.

  1. Enter the name of your finished product in the Product Name column.

  2. Select the BOM Load column and then select Use.
    Select Use because you are Using a finished product to Make component products.

  3. Three new light blue lines will appear underneath the finished product row. Enter your component products in these lines.

    1. Only enter component products in light blue rows, with the Make label. Entering components on white lines will mean the components are not included in the template. To insert additional light blue lines, select the Format column and select Insert Row Below.

  1. Enter the quantity of the component items required to make 1 unit of your finished product.
    The cost of the component items will populate from the cost in the product module.

  2. Change the Quantity of the finished product you would like to make. This will automatically change the quantities of the component items.

  3. Select Approve Back to List.
    The production job is created.

Complete a disassembly production job

Once a Production Job has been approved, you will need to complete it in order for the production job to take effect.

  1. From the left navigation select Production then Production Jobs from the left navigation menu.

  2. From the list, find the appropriate Production Job.

  3. Enter a date of completion in the Completed Date field.
    The Qty Actual column will be filled automatically with the quantity for each ingredient and for the finished product.
    You can manually adjust the quantity of your finished product based on the actual units produced by selecting the Qty Actual column and adjusting the values.

    • Note the cost of each component is created by dividing the cost of the finished product evenly between the quantity of components.

  4. Select Save Back to List.
    The Stock on Hand (SOH) will decrease for the finished product and SOH will increase for the components or ingredients used for producing the finished product.


How does disassembly affect my accounts?

Because the value of the product you break down is passed evenly to the component items you create, your stock value never changes. This means that no update of your accounts software is required.

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