Complete a production job

Complete a production job


As you make products, you will return to Open Production Jobs to complete them.

Completing a Production Job achieves two things:

  • Component items are receipted out of stock

  • The finished product(s), in the top line item of the Production Job, will be added to the inventory


Within the Production Job, you should enter the actual quantity of ingredients or components used for producing a product. You may, for instance, have used more components than initially planned or there may be wastage of ingredients to be accounted for.

By entering the exact quantity of ingredients used, the cost of the additional quantity of ingredients used for producing a product is automatically included in the final cost of your finished product. This ensures both accuracy of inventory, and that the costing for your products are done accurately.

Complete a production job

  1. From the left navigation select Production, then Production Jobs.

  2. From the list, find the appropriate Production Job.

  1. Enter a date of completion in the Completed Date field.
    The Qty Actual column will be filled automatically with the quantity for each ingredient and for the finished product.
    You can manually adjust the quantity of your finished product based on the actual units produced by selecting the Qty Actual column and adjusting the values.

  2. Select Save Back to List.
    The Stock on Hand (SOH) will increase for the finished product and SOH will decrease for the components or ingredients used for producing the finished product.

In the Products List Page, you can inspect the production cost of each product by selecting a value in the SOH column.

  • If non-stock items, for instance water or labor, are applied to a Production Job, the cost of these components will be included in the cost of the product. However please note that the cost of these specific items are excluded from the COGS that are ultimately passed to your accounting software.


I build my products in stages over the course of a month, what is the best way to handle this?

It is very important to complete a production job in one go. Allowing Production Jobs to be left half complete will receipt out component items, but no finished items will be received back in - this will cause discrepancies with the SOH value in Cin7 Omni and your accounting software.

If this causes operational problems, you could consider making sub-components first, and using those sub-components in a Production Job for the finished item. This will allow you to complete Production Jobs, but make the finished product in stages.

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