Stocktake batch and serial products

Stocktake batch and serial products


Stocktakes count the amount of stock for each product in a branch. You can then update your Cin7 Omni stock amount to match the physical stock count. Stocktake Master creates an adjustment that increases or decreases your inventory in bulk.

Stocktake Master can only import spreadsheets smaller than 1000 rows. Because each serial or batch item is on a new row, it is worth stocktaking your batch or serial items separately from your other products.

Serial or batch products require a slightly different stocktake process than other products.

Select products

  1. In the navigation, select Stock, then select Stocktake Master.

  2. Under Search Products, select a Branch. You can only stocktake one branch at a time.

  3. Change the Update Mode to Stock Counts.

  4. Change the Type to All.

  5. The stocktake will include all products listed below. Refine your search with Products, Bin Locations, or categories (Category Search). You could search for a specific batch or serial product to stocktake. This would reduce human error, especially if you have complex serial numbers or large quantities of the product.

  6. Select Sync Latest Data to include the latest products (or results from your search).

Create the stocktake spreadsheet

Stocktake Master will export the products you selected into a spreadsheet. You can use this spreadsheet to count the stock in a branch.

  1. Under Export Data, select:

    • Counts

    • Batch/Serial

    • Any other fields you want in the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, you can't change or add export fields in Stocktake Master.

  2. Select Export Data and then click Select data to highlight the information.

  3. Copy the information with your keyboard (Ctrl+C) or mouse (right-click then Copy).

  4. Paste this information into a new spreadsheet.

  5. If you use leading zeros in your product codes, change your columns to text before you paste.

  6. The spreadsheet will create a new line for each new batch or serial number.

Count your serial number or batch stock

You can now count your physical inventory in the spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet should only have products from one branch. Create more spreadsheets to stocktake other branches.

Add the amount of stock in the Count column for each serial number or batch product.

Batch numbers can have many items (for example, the count column has 5 items for the batch). However, each serial number matches only one item so the count column would be 1.

You have successfully exported and counted your serial or batch products. You can now import into Stocktake Master and balance your accounting integration.

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