Export production jobs

Export production jobs


Cin7 Omni makes it really easy for you to export your information. This document explains two approaches to export data.

Export the production job list

Exporting the Production Job list exports all the information seen in the order list page. Any filters applied to the list page will also affect the data that is exported. i.e. to only export open orders, filter the list for open orders.

To export the list:

  1. From the Order List page, select Actions.

  2. Select Export Production Jobs List.
    A spreadsheet will begin downloading.


Each order will take up one row in this export.

Export order details

Exporting Order details provides a detailed export of each order and line item.

  1. From the Order List page, Select Actions.

  2. Select Export Production Jobs Details.

  3. In the following page, check the items you would like to export.
    There are four fields that must be exported.

  4. Select Export Data, and in the following page select Export again.


Each new line item will take up one line in this report.

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