Bulk email customers

Bulk email customers


You can send multiple Sales Orders to your Customers in one go using the Bulk Email feature.
This might be useful if you have made multiple Sales Orders, and you'd like to send them at the end of the day in one batch.

Set up the bulk email

Before you can email customers about their sales orders, you need to design the email.

  1. Select the User menu (your username) and then select Settings.

  2. Select Sales and then Sales Order Settings.

  3. Select Add Email.

  4. Select the Template  you want to send to customers.

  5. In Default From, choose the email address sending the email to the customer.

  6. In Default To, you can optionally add an email address that this email is always sent to.

  7. Select Save.

Bulk email sales orders

  1. In the navigation, select Sales.

  2. Select Sales Orders.

  3. From the list page, select the orders that you'd like to update by selecting the checkbox next to each transaction.

  1. Select the Actions button and then select Bulk Email options you have enabled.

The resulting display shows an example email for the first record in the list.

  1. Select Send Batch.

This will send an email for each of the ticked Sales Orders.

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