Use Cin7 Omni without an accounting integration

Use Cin7 Omni without an accounting integration


Where possible users are recommended to utilize Cin7 Omni accounting integrations and at the same time understand that some customers may use accounting systems other than Xero or QuickBooks and still want to utilize Cin7s offering. This is possible but requires a little extra care to ensure the information held in Cin7 is accurate.

Essential workflows for customers without accounting integrations

You can easily complete all the below options via the bulk update function.

Ensure dispatch and invoice dates are entered

Please ensure invoice and dispatch dates are added to all transaction types as these are what our reports base their logic on.

Ensure Accounting Status is updated

COGS will only generate for a sale when:

  • The line item has been dispatched

  • A Fully Dispatched date has been entered

  • An invoice date has been entered

  • The Accounting Invoice Status is either Imported or Do Not Import.

Cin7 Omni automatically calculates COGS for all orders that fit these criteria every 24 hours.
For Purchase Orders accounting status must be set to Imported to ensure all reports are accurate.

For certain tasks you may need to download the Accounting Dashboard and sign up to a trial QuickBooks Online/Xero account

Features such as downloading ecommerce tax require a corresponding account to be selected within the Accounting Dashboard. Our customers can sign up to a demo QuickBooks Online/Xero account and select any liability account within the accounting dashboard settings, your taxes will then download from ecommerce sites as expected.

This also applies for users wanting to enable WET tax.

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