Upload options (variants) to Shopify

Upload options (variants) to Shopify


Find out how to upload new options (or variants) to Shopify.

What are options (variants)?

Options are subtypes of a product. Shopify calls options variants.

Say you plan to sell red, white, and black t-shirts. You could create three separate t-shirt products: one for each color. Or you could create one t-shirt product and add an option label named “Color” with three values: red, white, and black. Then you’d have three options of that t-shirt.

You could add a second label, too. Suppose you add a label named “Size” with three values: small, medium, and large. Now you’d have up to nine options:

  • red small, red medium, red large

  • white small, white medium, white large

  • black small, black medium, black large.

In other words, options are combinations of a product’s label values. There can be as many options as there are unique combinations of label values.

Upload new options (variants)

When you upload a product to (or download a product from) Shopify, the product’s options are mapped between Cin7 and Shopify. If you create new options for a product you’ve mapped, you’ll need to upload and map the new options to Shopify.

To upload new options, you must have enabled Upload Product Options in your Shopify integration settings. Then you can upload them:

  1. Log in to Cin7.

  2. From the Integrations menu in the navigation, select your Shopify integration.

  3. Select Upload Product Options from the Product Status tile. You’ll see a list of all new (that is, unmapped) options. If you want to upload a subset of new options, use the search box to filter the list. Only options in the list will upload.

  4. To upload the new options, select Upload Recently Modified Product Options (alternatively, to download the new options to a spreadsheet, select Download Products).

Here’s how the Cin7 option maps to its Shopify variant (unlisted fields are controlled by your Shopify integration settings or must be set in Shopify):

Cin7 option

Shopify variant

Value of option label 1

Value of variant option 1

Value of option label 2

Value of variant option 2

Value of option label 3

Value of variant option 3





Retail price


  • Price (if Cin7 special price is inactive), or

  • Compare at price (if Cin7 special price is active)

Special price

Price (if Cin7 special price is active)

Weight (including weight unit)



Can I download new variants (options) from Shopify to Cin7 Omni?

Yes, you can download new variants (options) from Shopify to Cin7 Omni. Find out how to download new variants from Shopify.

Why can’t I see my new option (variant) in the list?

In Cin7, open the product and make sure you’ve selected your Shopify integration (under Classifications > Channels), and make sure you’ve not set Display to Turn Off / Inactive.

Why won’t my new option (variant) upload?

In Cin7, open the product and make sure you’ve given the new option a value for every label.

Can I upload other changes to my product?

Find out how to upload changes to products to Shopify.     

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