Reconciliation process

Reconciliation process


There are a range of tools you can use to help with the reconciliation between Cin7 Omni and your Accounting software.

The Reports can help with your reconciliation process, particularly by identifying timing differences in Sales and Purchases transactions. These timing differences can cause imbalances in amounts between your Cin7 Omni account and your Accounting software. Ideally, reconciliation is done on a monthly basis in line with the month being reported.

The Recommended steps we have listed should help keep your Cin7 Omni transactions in good shape, to ensure they balance with your Accounting software. Ideally these steps should be carried out on a regular basis to keep everything in order.

Download a PDF checklist that you can use to track your checks each month.
-Experienced Cin7 Omni users
- New Cin7 Omni users

Reports for reconciliation

COGS Breakdown Report

This report shows the total Sales for the month on which COGS has been calculated. This COGS amount is synced to your Accounting software if all the Sales Invoices are synced first.

Further, review this report to identify items with blank COGS, which might indicate an error.

Historic Stock Valuation Report

Use this report to obtain your stock value for the month end being closed.

Stock on Hand Reconciliation Report

This page provides a summary of the closing inventory value and provides a view of all the transactions synced to your Accounting software for the month.

Sales Orders and Credit Notes Report

With this report you can:

  • identify items that have one or more missing Invoice Date, Dispatch Date, Completed Date or Credit Note Date causing a discrepancy between Cin7 Omni and your Accounting software.


Purchase Orders and Supplier Credit Notes Report

With this report you can:

  • identify items that have one or more Fully Received Date, Invoice Date, Completed Date, Supplier Credit Note Date or the Supplier Invoice Number missing causing a discrepancy between Cin7 Omni and your Accounting software.

Recommended steps to assist with reconciliation


We recommend that you perform these Closing actions daily. Batch invoices will be created, for syncing through to your Accounting software.

For your convenience, please find links below to the help article dedicated to each Closing step.

Close Registers for POS each day (POS users only)
Close Registers for eCommerce integrations each day (eCommerce users only)


These recommended checks could occur any time, performing them regularly will certainly help with reconciliation.

These link to the Help article dedicated to each Checking step:

Check Sales Orders
Check Customer Credit Notes
Check Purchase Orders
Check Supplier Credit Notes

Syncing (Cin7 Omni accounting integration users only)

Syncing only occurs if you have integrated Cin7 Omni with one of its native Accounting software integrations. This is the recommended order to syncing transactions.

Please find links below to a Help article dedicated to each Syncing step.

Sync Transactions
Approve all draft Invoices and Bills in Xero (Xero users only)
Fix Discrepancies
Fix Errors
Check Sales Orders and Customer Credit Notes have COGS generated
Sync COGS Journal (Perpetual Inventory Method users only)

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