Re-authenticate Shopify

Re-authenticate Shopify


If your connection to Shopify expires, you won’t be able to download sales orders, update the status of sales orders, or keep your product catalogs in sync. You may receive this error message: “The api_client does not have the required permission(s)”.

You’ll need to re-authenticate your integration by creating a new connection, resetting transaction errors, and backdating your integration.

First, reconnect your integration:

  1. Login in to Cin7 Omni.

  2. From the Integrations menu in the navigation, open your Shopify integration.

  3. Open Settings.

  4. Open the Connect tab.

  5. Select Disconnect (if you can’t see Disconnect, skip this step).

  6. Enter your Shopify shop’s domain  into the Shop Host Name field.

    • Your shop’s domain ends with and is found at the top of the settings menu in Shopify.

    • When you enter your domain, don’t include http:// or https://.

  7. Select Connect and follow Shopify’s on-screen instructions to log in and authorize your connection. Then you’ll be sent back to Cin7.

Now reset all transaction errors:

  1. On the Order Status tile on your Shopify integration dashboard, select Order Status Errors (see image below).

  2. Select the checkbox in the header of the table.

  3. Select Reset Errors.

This will reset the last 300 transaction errors. If you have more than 300 transaction errors, you’ll need to repeat steps 9 and 10 until all errors are reset. You’ll see “No order status update errors” when all errors are reset.

Finally, backdate your integration:

  1. On your Shopify integration dashboard, select Settings.

  2. Open the Settings tab.

  3. Under Download Orders, change the setting Update order status changes made in Cin7 Omni after (see image below) to a time and date before you began these instructions.

  4. Select Save Settings.

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