Set up Zalora

Set up Zalora


Find out how to install, connect, and configure an integration with Zalora.

Install Zalora

  1. Log in to Cin7 Omni as an administrator.

  2. From the navigation, open the App Store.

  3. Open the Marketplaces tab.

  4. Select Zalora.

  5. Select Request App Installation.

  6. Enter a short, descriptive name for your integration and select Install.

Once your request has been approved, you’ll find your Zalora integration in the Integrations menu in the navigation.

Connect Zalora

Zalora requires you to create an authorization application for your integration. This app will have a unique Application ID and Application Secret which you’ll use to connect Cin7 Omni to Zalora.

Follow Zalora’s instructions to create an authorization application. Note that, although these instructions are written for one of Zalora’s partner platforms (The Iconic), the steps to create an authorization application for Zalora are the same. If you have any questions, contact Zalora support.

When creating your authorization app:

  • Use a short, descriptive name as your Application Name.

  • Use as your Authorization Redirect URL.

  • Once you’ve saved your app, note its Application ID and Application Secret.

Then connect your Zalora integration in Cin7 Omni:

  1. Log in to Cin7 Omni.

  2. From the Integrations menu in the navigation, open your Zalora integration.

  3. Open Settings.

  4. Open the Connect tab.

  5. Enter your authorization application’s:

    • Application ID into Application ID

    • Application Secret into Application Secret

  6. Set the Region of your marketplace.

  7. Select Save Connection Settings.

To confirm your integration is connected, select Back to Dashboard and then Test Connection.

Configure Zalora

Find out how to configure your Zalora integration.

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