How Cin7 Omni interacts with Xero

How Cin7 Omni interacts with Xero


When you upload data to Xero, Cin7 Omni pulls relevant content from different modules.

  • Contacts must be linked prior to uploading any transactions.

  • Sales, purchases, and credit notes can be uploaded as “draft” or “authorised” based on settings in Cin7 Omni’s Xero Dashboard.


Customers and suppliers can be uploaded and linked to Xero contacts.  Contacts are displayed in Cin7 Omni’s Xero Dashboard when there is a transaction against their account.


Sales orders and sales credit notes are uploaded to Xero’s Sales module, either as “draft” or “authorised” based on Xero Dashboard settings.


Purchase orders and supplier credit notes are uploaded to Xero’s Purchases module.


COGS are uploaded as a journal each month. The default COGS account in Xero is debited and the default Stock on Hand account is credited. A journal can be uploaded at any point during the month and will reverse any previous journals posted to ensure COGS are not overstated.


Adjustments are uploaded as journals, each adjustment is uploaded as a journal.

Landed costs

Landed costs applied to orders in the Purchases module are uploaded as journals. The Xero Freight and Customs accounts that landed costs are coded to are set in Cin7 Omni’s Xero Dashboard settings. Those accounts are credited and the Stock on Hand account debited. It is important that the bills relating to landed costs are entered into Xero to ensure expenses aren't understated.


Deposits are uploaded as invoices to Xero and coded to the accounts set in Cin7 Omni’s Xero Dashboard. When the final invoice is issued, the total sales order will be exported as an invoice and the deposit is reversed with a credit note of the same amount.

Alternative GL accounts

Alternative GL accounts can be used to code transactions to accounts other than the default account when required.

Alternative tax rates

Alternative tax rates are used to apply tax rates other than the default to sales or purchases.


Can I use several email addresses for one Cin7 Omni contact and then import all those email addresses into Xero?

In Cin7 Omni only one email address is pushed to Xero. Cin7 Omni takes the Accounts email address field first, and if blank will check any other email address fields.

Why is the product code in Cin7 Omni not being mapped to the Item Code in Xero?

Importing the product code from Cin7 Omni to the item code in Xero is not possible at this stage. If you wanted to use the item codes in Xero for the purpose of mapping product values to certain accounts, you can set up alternative GL accounts  in Cin7 Omni.

Why are the payment terms not being imported to the contact details in Xero?

It is not currently possible to import payment terms from Cin7 Omni to Xero when importing contacts.

However, the payment details in a Cin7 Omni transaction will dictate the due date for an order in Xero.

What does the 'Update Balances' link do?

The 'Update Balances' link will populate a value in the Balance Owing field. This field will show the current outstanding amount in Xero for your customers and suppliers.

What does the 'Update Paid Invoices' link do?

The 'Update Paid Invoices' link will update the Paid column in the Sales Order and Purchase Order Module to reflect the payment amount against the invoice in Xero. The link will also update the Invoice column to reflect the dollar amount paid.

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