Purchase order list page

Purchase order list page


The purchase order list page is an overview of your purchase orders. You can use a range of filters to include or exclude which purchase orders you see (for example, all purchase orders from a certain time period).


The filters at the top of the screen can be used to refine the list of Purchases visible in the List Page. You can use multiple filters at the same time to narrow the list further. By pressing Reset, all filters will be returned to their defaults.


Select a specific Branch by which to filter the PO list.


Entering text in this box will search by PO Reference, Supplier company, first and last names, and invoice number.


Filter the list by date; there are a number of date types to choose from:

Date filter

Filters by


The date the Purchase Order was created.


The Estimated Time of Delivery, if entered. Items with no ETD will not appear.


The date the Purchase Order was Invoiced. Orders with no Invoice Date will not appear.


The Fully Received Date of the Purchase Orders. Orders with no Fully Received date will not appear.


Orders that have been modified between the dates set.


Orders with payments added between the dates set. NB this refers to the Payments grid, not payments applied in your Accounting Software.


Purchase orders

This filters Purchase Orders based on certain statuses:

Purchase order status

Filters by

Open and Saved Draft Purchase Orders

Any Orders that are Open (approved but not received), or Draft (saved as a draft and not approved).

Received within Last 7 Days

Fully Received Date has been entered and is within the last 7 days.

Received but not Invoiced

Fully Received Date has been entered, but Invoice date is blank.

Accounting Errors

Order has returned an error on importing to your Accounting Software.


Fully Received Date has been entered. Note that though line items may have been received, unless a Fully Received date has been entered Orders will not appear in this view.


An Invoice Date has been entered.


Orders that have been voided.

Past 12 Months

Orders that have been Created in the past 12 months.

Search All

Shows all orders, except for Voided Orders.

Show Only Checked  

Shows only Orders that have been ticked.

Product ordered

Search Purchase Orders for a specific product

Batch or serial number

Search Purchase Orders for products with specific Batch or Serial numbers.

Actions and guides


Hovering over the Actions drop-down reveals four Actions:



Export Purchase Orders

Exports the columns in the Purchase Orders list, as per any filters applied to the list.

Import Purchase Orders

Import Orders here, plus use the data to get an in-depth export of Purchase Order details. See our Importing Purchase Orders article.

Merge Purchase Orders

This will merge Orders. See our Merging Orders  article.

Bulk Print

This will print all Orders that have been ticked.

Bulk Email

This is added to the Actions drop-down if set up in the settings page.


Hovering over the Guides drop-down will reveal three walkthrough guides: Creating a Purchase Order, Applying Freight Costs, and Receiving Purchases. This is a great step-by-step tutorial if you are unsure how to start purchasing.

Purchase order list


The Status Icon changes depending on whether the Purchase Order is Open (Approved but not Fully Received), Received, Draft or Void.

Cog icon

Hovering over the Cog icon reveals additional options:

  • Select Admin to view the Admin screen - a summary page with Email templates.

  • Select Print to print the Purchase Order.

  • Select Report to see a summary of Costs applied to the order - see Applying Freight Costs to a Purchase Order.

  • Select Labels to Print a label for each item in the Order, see Printing Labels for a Purchase Order.


Select the Order Reference of an Order to edit its contents.

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