Download products from eBay

Download products from eBay


Products can be downloaded from eBay and imported into Cin7 Omni.

There are three situations that are relevant to this module:

  • You have no products in Cin7 Omni and products on eBay.

    In this situation, you will download products into Cin7 Omni, detailed below.

  • You have some products in┬áCin7 Omni and some on eBay.

    In this situation, you will download products not already in Cin7 Omni and match the rest, detailed below.

  • You have products on both Cin7 Omni and eBay.

    In this situation, you will match products between the two systems, detailed in Matching Products between Cin7 Omni and eBay.

Any products that don't already exist in Cin7 Omni will be imported.

If there are some products that you do not want to import into Cin7 Omni, these can be manually removed during the download process using a spreadsheet.

After downloading a Product, you will need to select the Channel in the Cin7 Omni product details page in order to update stock levels of that product to eBay. The Channel is the name of the eBay module in Cin7 Omni. If the Channel is not visible it will need to be switched on in the Product Settings.

Download products

Before products can be downloaded during the import/match process, the products must first be published on eBay.

To download products from eBay into Cin7 Omni:

  1. Log in to Cin7 Omni using an Administrator account.

  2. From the left navigation, select Integrations and then select your eBay module.

  3. From the Dashboard, on the Product Status tile, select Download Products.

  4. Select Import Products Created Since Last Import or Import All Products and then wait for the sync to be completed.

  5. On the resulting confirmation page, select Next.

  6. Note if any products were not successfully matched, and select Next.

  7. If there are any products you do not wish to import, modify the list now. Select Next.

  8. Brands and product types will be created or matched. Use the drop-downs to adjust any options, then select Next.

  9. If you would like to check that the import will be completed successfully before making any real changes, select Test.

  10. Finally, select Import New Products to complete the process.


Can you export products from Cin7 Omni into eBay?

No. It is not possible to export products from Cin7 Omni into eBay.

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