Purchase order settings

Purchase order settings


This article provides information on how to configure the Purchase Order module to meet your business needs.

Find the settings

1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.

2. From the Purchasing menu, select Purchase Order Settings.


Stages are useful for filtering specific types of Purchase Orders.
The stages can either be represented in the list page as a Dropdown Box, or a Check Box List. To toggle between each type of appearance, select the appropriate option from the 'Display' dropdown.
Once stages have been created they will be shown as additional filter options on the Purchase order list page.
To add additional stages:

  1. Select Add Group.

  2. Enter a Group Name.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.


User access

User Access controls who can view the Purchases Orders within the module.

  • Yes - All users can see all orders.

  • View Only If Selected As Created, Processed or Sales Rep - Users can only view the order if they created it, Processed it, or are assigned as the Sales Rep.

  • Yes - Show Users To Filter - 'Show Users to Filter' does not do anything at this stage.

If you'd like to remove access to the entire module, you can disable the whole module from the User Settings.

Additional search fields

Select any of the additional fields shown here to add additional search boxes to the Purchase Order List Page.

Show additional columns in the list

You can add additional columns to the Purchase Order List page for the fields listed here. This will allow you to add extra information to the list should you need it.

Selecting "Managers only" will only reveal this field to those users that have been assigned Manager permissions to this module.

Bulk update

Select additional fields you would like included in the Bulk Update Feature. This function is explained in the article Updating Purchase Orders in Bulk.

Bulk email

Multiple Purchase Orders can be emailed to your suppliers using the Bulk Email function, explained in our article Emailing Purchase Orders in Bulk.

To add a bulk email:

  1. Select Add Email.

  1. Three fields will appear: In the first select the Email template to be used for the bulk email.

  2. Select a Default "From" Email address if the email is to always be sent from the same user.

  3. Select a Default "To" Email address if the email is to always be sent to the same person.

  4. Select Save at the bottom of the page to confirm the changes.

Print documents

To add or change the documents you can print from the admin screen.

Document template

The code of the template you wish to use.

Custom name

The name displayed in the screen when selecting which document to print.

Appears in

The option to print a document can appear in the Sales Orders List Screen or Admin Screen. This setting allows you to choose if you wish to hide it from a particular screen.

Pop up

If checked, when opening the document, it opens into a new tab.


If checked, the document will generate as PDF instead of as an HTML Document.

Update channel upon entering review

If you have added integrations with sales channels, you can choose to update these channels with stock numbers and order statuses for them every time you enter the Admin screen for a Purchase Order.

This may be useful if you have received stock and you wish to update your Ecommerce platform with the most recent stock numbers.

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