Alternative units of measure and WMS

Alternative units of measure and WMS


If your account has alternative unit of measures setup, a product with a Unit of Measure will always show the stock unit in the base unit of measure. However, when scanning, the amount will increase depending on which Unit of Measure barcode is scanned.

The Unit of Measure functionality is enabled for Receiving, Racking, Picking and Packing modules of the WMS. Each module handles Units of Measure the same way.

Alternative unit of measure products in WMS

If you have a purchase order where 6 cases of 12 waters have been ordered, a total of 72 single stock units will be received into stock.

In WMS, 72 units can be received into stock for this line item of the purchase order.

Clicking on the product card will show each unit of measure associated with the product in a table. The unit of measure that has been ordered will be highlighted.

The amount will increase based on the UOM barcode scanned. For example, if the UOM barcode for a case of 12 waters is scanned, it will increase by 12 units.

The system will also allow for scanning of individual units or packs of 6 until the line item of the purchase order has been fully received into stock. For example, 12 cases of 6 water bottles or 72 water bottles (72 single units) to fully receive in the line item of the purchase order.

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