Accounts receivable workflow

Accounts receivable workflow


You can get bogged down tracking invoices and chasing customers to settle their bills. When you don’t have a handle on accounts receivable, you’ll struggle to maintain the cash flow necessary to sustain your business, let alone grow it.

Cin7 Omni’s PCI-compliant Payment Portal makes your invoice your checkout page. With full billing visibility, automated workflows, and instant payment options, the Payment Portal reduces your operational costs and helps increase your cash flow.

Automate your transactions workflow

Cin7 Omni gives businesses the tools to manage sales orders from multiple channels: B2B, retail Point of Sale, eCommerce, and online marketplaces. No matter where your orders originate, Cin7 Omni gives you real-time payments visibility and control to manage your accounts.

Once a sales order makes its way to Cin7 Omni, you have the option to email or bulk email your customers their invoices embedded with a secure and convenient Pay Now button. This gives your customers the option to pay in full or on installment at their convenience.

The more ways you give your customers to pay—easily and conveniently—the less time you’ll need chasing them up. With Cin7 Omni’s Payment Portal your customers can

  • Pay right away by selecting Pay Now in the email

  • Save a PDF copy and pay later by select the Pay Now button embedded in that version of the Invoice

  • Print a hard copy of the invoice and pay later by following the instructions on the printed invoice


When your customers select Pay Now, Cin7 Omni redirects them to our PCI-compliant, SSL protected Payment Portal to process the transaction. Cin7 Omni lets you collect partial payments based on customer-specific terms or collect payments in full. Either way, we have you covered. Also, our Payment Portal is fully responsive, scaling perfectly to any computer, tablet or smartphone screen.

Once you receive a payment:

  • Cin7 Omni emails a receipt to your customer and to internal staff. You control who in your organization receives these receipts (ie, accounts receivable) so they can work on the next step in the process.

  • You can import payments to Xero, making it super easy for your accounts team to reconcile payments.

  • You can determine the stage to which orders should be moved once an invoice is paid. Set the order to proceed to build, ship, or dropship, according to your business model.

And the icing on the cake? You can insert a customized banner to market your products and special offers to your customers, resulting in increased sales.

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